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77-Year-Old Disabled Ex-Watersports Fan And Successful MD Continues To Coast Around Salcombe Thanks To New Folding TGA Mobility Scooter

18th July, 2016

David Multon, 77, who lives in Salcombe and Dorking, has taken ownership of a new type of folding Minimo Plus mobility scooter so he can continue enjoying a rewarding lifestyle despite living with mobility difficulties.

Before retiring David spent most of his career working in the chemical additives industry. He was a successful UK Managing Director for both a German company and later his own business which both supplied stabilizing agents to the PVC manufacturing sector. Outside of work he was a keen sailor and over many years owned several boats moored in Salcombe harbour. He regularly took his son out water skiing and was also an enthusiastic tennis and badminton player.

However, David experienced a slipped disc in 1994 that started a sequence of back issues resulting in several operations. He was paralyzed for a period from the waist down and spent two years in a wheelchair. Nevertheless, with his go-getting and positive attitude, David managed to achieve some ability to walk again on crutches however with increasing breathlessness from pulmonary fibrosis and heart disease, tackling longer distances and hills is now impossible. This has all changed with his new lightweight Minimo Plus mobility scooter that folds and fits in a car boot.

David and his wife can now access all of Salcombe including their local yacht club, which is surrounded by narrow steep streets. Without his TGA scooter this would not be possible as David explains: Before owning my Minimo Plus I used to use a powered PDQ wheel and motor that would attach to my wheelchair. This made it into a 3-wheeled trike however it was heavy, difficult to detach not very manoeuvrable and tackling the really steep Salcombe streets was beyond its capabilities. When dining in The Gallery restaurant recently I got talking to an owner of a small folding mobility scooter. They let me drive it around and I quite liked it. I then went online to find out more about this product and came across an advert for the Naidex exhibition at the NEC. We went along to this mobility product exhibition and this is where we discovered TGA and their Minimo Plus for the first time I even drove one around their test track. When compared to other folding scooters this one was far more advanced in my opinion as its design has been carefully considered from an engineering point of view. Its features were bang on the nail for me.

David continues: Now I take my Minimo Plus in our Freelander wherever we go. It saves my wife having to push me in a wheelchair and we can actually have a conversation side-by-side. I could never get my PDQ to go at the right speed to walk with someone; it was either too fast or too slow. Whereas with my Minimo Plus I have more control so I can comfortably stay within a group or with my wife. Getting to our Yacht Club is so much easier and we use the area under the seat to store bags, again saving my wife from the burden of carrying everything. It is nicely put together and is the complete package, its design has really been thought through. As I am a fairly tall chap at 6 I have room to stretch out my legs either side of the tiller. Lifting into the car is no problem as we fold it up, rest the wheels on the bumper, lever and then roll into the car boot. When we get back to our cottage in Salcombe we take it inside as it takes up little room to store.

David concludes: Unfortunately I have had to sell my boat as I was having trouble getting on and off at the pontoon. However now that I have my Minimo Plus I can still enjoy the independence this provides. Additionally, there is no longer the worry that my wife needs to push me in the wheelchair. Enjoying everything that beautiful Salcombe has to offer would not be possible without my TGA Minimo Plus.

77-Year-Old Disabled Ex-Watersports Fan And Successful MD Continues To Coast Around Salcombe Thanks To New Folding TGA Mobility Scooter thumbnail 1
David Multon riding his new folding TGA Minimo Plus around Salcombe Harbour, Devon.