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21-year-old Wheelchair Powerpack proves TGA engineering is built to last

27th July, 2016

TGA, a leading UK mobility scooter and product specialist, has been delighted to assist a customer with a 21-year-old TGA Wheelchair Powerpack that is still providing assured performance and reliability.

Each model within the TGA Powerpack range comprises of motorized unit and wheel(s) that can be fitted to the underside of a manual attendant controlled wheelchair. The powered propulsion of the Powerpack ensures pushing a wheelchair is strain-free and the risk of back or muscle strain is reduced for carers - especially when negotiating slopes, kerbs or uneven surfaces. The Solo, Duo, Heavy-duty and PLUS models have been enhanced over a period of 25 years and are proudly built in the UK. TGA is renowned for a successful engineering heritage, which is reflected in the quality, reliability and performance of the Powerpack. A Powerpack recently refitted by TGA to a wheelchair is testament to this proven track record - 21-years-old and still functioning as if new.

Miss Samantha Davis, 27 from South East London who lives with Cerebral Palsy, uses a wheelchair and is cared for by her father, Gary Davis. Before owning this Powerpack Gary was responsible for pushing his daughter manually in a wheelchair, which was challenging in their locally hilly area near Crystal Palace. However by chance they were gifted a pre-used Powerpack by a fellow attendee visiting the inclusive exercise classes at The Bridge Leisure Centre in Sydenham. Gary contacted TGA who then arranged fitting of the Powerpack to Samantha's Discovery wheelchair. It was on arrival at the national TGA service headquarters in Suffolk that Gary was informed the Powerpack was over twenty years old but despite high mileage, was still in perfect working order.

Gary said: 'Since owning our Powerpack, going out with Samantha has been so much easier. I can get up local hills without straining and we went to car boot fair last Sunday which didn't involve me pushing Samantha, just steering. We'll definitely be using the Powerpack when we go on our coastal day trips to Southend or sightseeing in Essex. TGA have been so helpful and professional to us. We are far more mobile than we ever used to be.'

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director added: 'We are always delighted to see our older products in use and still effectively helping people living with disability. We have complete confidence in our quality range, which is reflected in our leading warranties, however it is always rewarding to see products over 20 years old in operation. Since 1985 we have been focused on product quality, durability and reliability - this underlines our commitment to customer independence and total satisfaction.'

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Samantha Davis (centre) with her father Gary (right) and TGA Sales Advisor Kate Flinn.
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A TGA Powerpack still delivering assured independence after 21 years of use: