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USB Charger
Keep your devices charged on the go with our handy USB charging socket. A small USB port for you to pop your charging ca...
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Scoozy Cane Holder
Attach your walking stick or cane to your Scoozy, with the Scoozy Cane Holder. Store it safely out of the way when you ...
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Scoozy Smartphone Holder
Keep your phone within sight and reach, with the Scoozy Phone Holder. Secure your phone with the holder which allows yo...
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WHILL Smart Key
Store your Whill C2 safely and securely with the WHILL smart key. With styling similar to a car key fob, you can lock an...
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Supersport Rear View Mirror
If you own a TGA Supersport, you may want to add an additional rear view mirror for better visibility of your surroundin...
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Universal Smartphone Bag
This padded, durable bag for your smartphone universally fits most wheelchairs, scooters and walkers using either the fl...
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Universal Cup Holder
This secure cup holder universally fits most wheelchairs, scooters and walkers using either the flat or round adaptor. I...
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Cane/Stick Clips
Despite the versatility of our mobility scooters, there are some places that even they can’t go meaning that you may n...
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Minimo Lifting Handle
If you own or are planning on buying the Minimo or Minimo Plus, the Minimo lifting handle is the perfect accessory to wo...
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Scoozy Bag Hook
This bag hook can be attached to the seat rack on your Scoozy to secure a bag that is placed on the footplate behind the...
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Seat Cover
Keep your mobility scooter seat dry and protected from the elements with our waterproof seat cover. The elasticated cove...
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Control Panel Cover
Designed to protect your mobility scooter electronics whilst you maintain full control of the handles and brakes. Sma...
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